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Come join the club over at The Coffee Room, where all of the Game Central Network croud has been hanging out the past month. You can post your own video and website links in the YourLinx section and comment on everything from Pictures of the Day to Shamrock's Sites of the Day.Don't miss out on another priceless Shamrock's Sites of the Day, head to Find me at The Coffee Room
— Posted October 21st by Brent

Interested in gaming? Can you reliably follow gaming news from the biggest publishers? Can you write articles on interesting topics such as overclocking, modding, and the future of gaming?If so, we have a position for you! We pay for your efforts, and with twelve-thousand unique visitors a month, you will have the perfect audience to showcase your abilities and kick-start your career in journalism.Think you make the cut? Contact us at are also looking for new Admin...
— Posted July 30th by BrentComments (0)

We are officially scheduling intermittent downtime for sometime in the next 72 hours. We will be transitioning to a bigger badder Dual Quad Xenon server. Expect our larger downloads (mods, patches, and demos) to go down for a little.- Your Friends at Game Central Network If you can read this, you are on the new server! Congrats!
Network — Posted July 9th by BrentComments (1)

Unreal Tournament has transformed from a mutiplayer FPS to much much more. This is the game that is responsible for the most complicated multiplayer gameplay that still works as well as a simple FPS. If you were impressed with 2004, wait until you catch the latest tricks found in Unreal Tournament 3, utilizing the Unreal 3 engine. Check out the video below, then download it for yourself. Download Unreal Tournament 3at 1 MB/sjust remember our sponsors please!
Release Dates — Posted October 13th by brentComments (2)

OK, everyone. This is the big announcement regarding GCN and what I have planned for us in the future. Now everyone has to promise they will read the whole post before they start freaking out. Trust me on this one.For those who don't know what I am talking about, let me break it down for you. A few years ago, I was searching the web for some info on alittle game called Half-Life 2. I happened to stumble upon this site. Now I was never a forum type of dude, and I don't know what happened but ...
— Posted January 21st by djshamrockComments (26)

Sorry everyone for that downtime, our sponsor disappeared. The good news is that there will be no more ads until we figure out our own less intrusive advertising.
Network — Posted September 29th by BrentComments (18)

To encourage contributions to the forums, we have instigated a posts for download speed scheme.KB/S = Post Count35 = 050 = 10100 = 35125 = 50150 = 100175 = 200225 = 500300 = 1000There is no in-between, you must reach the specified level of posts to be able to download at that speed.That is all.
Network — Posted September 9th by BrentComments (30)

Despite not having Unreal 3 out of the door yet, Epic has revealed that it has been working on Unreal 4 for over two years. Looking at Unreal 3's screenshots, I can't begin to imagine what Unreal 4 will look like. Currently there is only one person working on it with the rest of the team concentrated on Unreal 3. Epic are currently looking for developers to make up the numbers. Warming to his theme, Rein advises potential development stars to hit the Epic Games web site and mail in their...
Game — Posted August 17th by jonchappellComments (10)

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